A field of flowers {San Luis Obispo}

Welcome to my new blog! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Since moving last October, I knew it was time to update my website, and give it a fresh, new look. I’ve decided to merge my wedding and portrait work under one name, “Mia Marisa” to keep things simple. I love living on the Central Coast and I can’t wait to see where my business will take me in the coming years. As a celebration to the new blog, and how much I love living here, I decided to post the pictures below as a tribute to the beauty that surrounds me and the sweet, new friends I’ve made.

Driving one day, I couldn’t help but notice this open field full of beautiful, yellow mustard flowers. I knew I had to invite some friends to do a spontaneous photo shoot with our little ones. My friend provided all the fun props, including the butterfly nets, and big lollipops. The kids had a blast running through the flowers. I can’t wait for the next fun adventure.

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