My Big Fat Greek Easter {Santa Maria, CA}

The very first Central Coast friend I made was Kristina. This is the second year I’ve been part of a really great Bible Study through BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and when I found out they met right across the street from my new house I was so excited. My very fist meeting, I met Kristina. She made me feel so welcomed and immediately invited me to join their homeschool group. If you are looking for a great, in depth, Bible study, BSF has been such an encouragement to me.

When Kristina told me her Mom was going to be in town, and they were preparing for a traditional Greek Easter, I knew I had to head over and capture some images of their sweet family. We were even able to capture some pictures of Danny on his lunch break from work.  It was such a pleasure to meet her Mom and Step-Dad. I loved seeing the three generations of these beautiful women cooking together and passing along the traditions to the younger generation.

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