About Me

Hi! My name is Mia Marisa Reed and I absolutely love to capture all those sweet moments in your life. Nature, that perfect sunlight that happens just before sunset and living in California are just a few things that I love. Sitting down over a cup of tea, a good conversation, in the midst of a messy house filled with kids is the best.  Cooking is a passion, and I love to experience different cultures and foods.  I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband, and two beautiful little girls.

We were married in 1998, and after many years of struggling through infertility we decided to go on the journey of foster/adoption. We have experienced heartbreak and joy in the process, and we can now call our little girls our forever daughters. God is the center of our lives and we seek to honor Him through everything we do.

Recently, we relocated to the Central Coast of California, and we are so happy. It’s been a blessing to be a family of four, living in such a beautiful part of California. I’m a homeschool Mama, and love every moment that I get to spend teaching my daughters. I would love to meet you, discuss your portrait session or wedding with you.

Contact me at 562.673.3467 or mia@miamarisa.com