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I had the privilege to 2nd shoot with Heracain Productions this past Saturday.  Sarah is so professional and was amazing as she navigated the wedding day. This young couple attends our church and had the most beautiful outdoor wedding at an estate owned by one of our church members. I loved being behind the camera again and enjoyed capturing just a few of the moments that happened throughout the day.

It was pretty instant, a few chats at church, the adoption connection, and our love for ethnic food and we were instant friends. Not to mention, Ashley is a fellow photog and we speak the same language. Check out her beautiful photos here. After moving to a new area, it felt overwhelming to start over building new relationships, but this precious family has made it so easy. We love you guys and I was so honored to take these photos.

Life is filled with moments of surprise and divine appointments. After moving to Northern California, we quickly settled into our new church. Thankfully, it didn’t take us long to find a place that we aligned ourselves doctrinally with and seemed to be a good fit for our family. One Sunday morning, Diane turned to me and introduced herself. I asked her how long they had been attending and she told me they had just moved to the area. They had moved from Lomita, which is where Jeff and I first lived when we were married and we had grown up in the next town over. Wow! Soon, we realized we had mutual friends and an immediate friendship began. She’s a food blog writer, and an amazing cook! Check out her website here.

When they approached me to take their family photos I quickly said “YES!”. Their oldest daughter will be starting Master’s college this year, and their oldest son will be going into the Army next month. They wanted to get one last family photo shoot in before the big kids left. We adore this precious family and we are so glad we met them, even if it took us both moving over 400 miles to cross paths. 

I had the honor and privilege to photograph and attend my youngest brother’s wedding to his beautiful bride Merissa. MY BROTHER IS MARRIED!!!!

They chose to have a very simple, courthouse ceremony and invite only immediate family. Merissa already felt like part of the family as they have dated for many years. It was wonderful to see this union and welcome her into our family “officially”. I love you both! Here’s to many wonderful years of marriage. Cheers. xoxo