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Erin and I met last year through our daughters’ school. We started walking two mornings a week at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am. It was so fun to get to know her through those early morning walks. My kids adore their kids, and we love getting together for play dates. These girls are sassy, and have personality for days. xoxo


In the short time we’ve known this family, we have been blessed by their friendship. Michelle has been my daughter’s teacher for the past 1 1/2 years and she has been amazing with her. We are so thankful for them. We love you guys!


My sweet friend Emily is embarking on a new business venture as she makes these adorable headbands and clips to sell. I can’t wait to share her link here soon, but until then enjoy these sweet pictures of her precious little one, and mine too!:)

I’ve known Jake since he was a little guy, playing with Legos and video games. We haven’t seen our friends for two years since they moved to Vegas, and when I saw him, my first thought was, “He’s a man!”. He’s an amazing young man, a heart for God, and a deep love for family and friends. I was so impressed with him throughout our shoot as his Mom made him laugh during the shoot, and he played along and smiled all the way. The biggest surprise for me is that he is a clone of his father. Seriously! I couldn’t get over the smile, mannerisms and overall demeanor that he shares with his Dad. We love this family and we are so glad they are back on the Central Coast for future bbq’s and late night chats.